De Ree Baskets & Pots - Cascading Mixed

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Type: Vegetable Seeds and Bulbs
Brand: De Ree
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Baskets & Pots - Cascading Mixed
Create a stunning, summer display with this superb mixture containing petunia, viola, lobelia and phlox.
• Fill your baskets or pots with compost to approx. 2cm from the top and firm down.
• Place the seed disc on the surface of the compost.
• Cover with a little more compost and water lightly.
• Store in a warm location at an approx. temperature of 13-16°c (56-60°f).
• Sit back and wait for your plants to grow - Couldn't be easier!
• Once all chance of frost has passed the plants can be moved in to your garden, harden off first.

1 x23cm disc per pack
Disc can be cut to suit pot size.
Suitable for any basket, pot, container or window box.
Very easy to use - pre-spaced seeds (less thinning).


Condition : New

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